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“Plans for Moving Forward”


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Notes from Occupy Brighton’s Assembly – Monday 15th October 2012

Revising the Process for the 21st Century

Occupy Brighton have today (15/10/12) arrived at a consensual agreement on the following 12 revisions to our process:

1. The process will remain fluid and emergent. Proposed revisions to the process will be welcomed at appropriate times. Respect is a fundamental underlying principle of our debates.

2. At the moment, the primary focus of our process is on bringing our community together to solve local problems collectively.

3. The process will be 100% transparent, recorded/livestreamed, uploaded and archived.

4. Individuals and focus groups’ right to autonomy & anonymity will be respected.

5. People will be able to participate in the process anonymously if they would prefer to. (i.e. by a twitter account & delegate for smartphone users/pieces of paper passed to the facilitator).

6. There is no need for complex hand signals. A hand in the air is sufficient if you wish to speak.

7. Our discussions will be divided into three sections – problems – solutions – actions.

8. Our Assemblies will be focused on single themes. The themes will be developed by smaller working groups before calling a larger Assembly to consider the working group’s proposed solution(s) & action(s)

9. The themes for the Assembly will be determined a meeting in advance, so that everybody has time to research them.

10. The responsibility for facilitation will not fall on any one person’s shoulders. A team of at least 3 facilitators will take responsibility for keeping the debate productive, timely and on-topic. At least one facilitator should have been involved in the Working Group who called the Assembly.

11. A technical team will ensure the debates are timely/balanced, factual and inclusive.

12. The process will recognise and accommodate the need for proper R&R during the events/debate/occupation (i.e. picnics/tea and coffee beforehand, a “chill out area/wet zone” – or an associated “after party” with live music/entertainments etc).

We resolved the consensus vs majority debate by referring to point 2. (i.e. the process is emergent and such decisions can be taken whenever necessary).

Thanks to Paul Stone@ Radio Reverb who interviewed us after the assembly today. The show will be repeated and we have been invited back for a follow up interview.


Please join the debate here on our forum, or on the Occupy Brighton facebook page.

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